BEC lab

Biology, Evolution, Conservation

This is the website of the BEC-lab at the University of Liège (Belgium).

Alain Vanderpoorten and Nicolas Magain are the two PIs of the BEC-lab

BEC lab's page

This website shows our research and other work-related stuff

The BEC lab (Biology, Evolution, Conservation) is a lab at the University of Liège, which is part of the InBioS Research Center and the Department of Biology, Ecology and Evolution (BEE).

It is led by PIs Alain Vanderpoorten and Nicolas Magain.

Alain's research has a focus on bryophytes, but also on beta-diversity, phylogenetic turnover and niche conservatism of plants, with a focus on Switzerland and Macaronesia.

Nicolas studies the evolution of lichen symbioses, in particular between Peltigera fungi and Nostoc cyanobacteria. He uses phylogenetics, metagenomics, population genomics and community ecology to study these symbioses. In parallel, he teaches classes on Evolution, Biodiversity, Plant Systematics and Conservation Biology at the Bachelor and Master levels.

In additon to the two PIs, the BEC lab currently consists in one postdoctoral researcher, six doctoral students and ten master students.